Four Vikings Compete at State Speech

The NSAA State Speech Meet is underway and once again, the Vikings are sending a talented group of speakers to compete for honors.  Four students will be competing in five events in today’s D-1 contest at UNK.  First round competitions start at 9:30.  Isaiah Schwarz will be busy as he competes in two events today.  Those watching will definitely find themselves laughing as he performs his Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose speech as a Scottish sheep herder.  Also, in his Oral Interpretation of Poetry rounds, he will use poetry to give insight into the importance of friendships. Wyatt Kaps will be entertaining his audience with his Entertainment Speaking speech about “Procrastination”.  Others will learn about Austism from Amanda Patterson in the Informative Speaking rounds.  Finally, Joesiah Zeigler will be persuading his audiences of the “Dangers of Opioids.

All first round competitions will start at 9:30 and second round events will begin at 12:30.  These will be performed in various buildings throughout the UNK campus.  Finals will begin at 3:30 for those who qualify out of their first two rounds this morning.  Class D-1 awards are scheduled to begin at 6:00 in the UNK Health and Sports Center.

Session Information

Isaiah Schwarz
Oral Interpretation of Poetry
9:30- Copeland Hall Room 230
12:30-Copeland Hall Room 335

Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
9:30 – Fine Arts Room 313
12:30 – Fine Arts Room 313

Wyatt Kaps
Entertainment Speaking
9:30 – Fine Arts Room 212
12:30 Fine Arts Room 212

Amanda Patterson
Informative Speaking
9:30- Copeland Hall Room 335
12:30-College of Education Room 120

Joesiah Zeigler
Persuasive Speaking
9:30- Copeland Hall Room 333
12:30-College of Education Room 218

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