Cross Country

The 2018 Cross Country Team consisted of nine girls and seven boys. The cross country girls finished with gold at RPAC and the boys finished in 4th place in a very tough field of runners.

2018 Cross Country Roster

Seniors Girls – Atlee High, Olivia O’Clair

Senior Boys – Brian Hemmele, Austin Long, Joesiah Zeiger

Junior Girls – Marley Gonzalez, Cailey Grabenstein, Natile Johnson, Pichny Kong, Grace Straight

Junior Boys – Isaiah Schwarz

Sophomore Girls – Trista Callahan

Sophomore Boys – Landon Andersen, Seaver Goldfish

Freshman – Caleb Lopez

Managers – Kassidy Drain

For more information go to Brad Renken’s website.  Go Wolfkings!

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