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FFA Livestock Management State Champs

Even though the Bermis FFA Chapter is in its first year, the 2016 team was able to show they were among the very best in the state. The Bermis Chapter sent off 38 of it’s members to compete in eight different events. All of the members competed very well at state and many of them earned ribbons for their individual performances, including an individual and team state championship.

The team state championship came in the Livestock Management CDE (Career Development Event). The competitors on the team were Sarah Dannehl, Kara Philips, Brianna Hinson, Tigh Renken, Cooper Grabenstein, and Brandon Wallander.  Livestock Management also won the beef and sheep portion of the contest, and placed in the top 10 in poultry.

Tigh Renken was the state champion in Livestock Judging leading the rest of his team including Sarah Dannehl, Cooper Grabenstein, and Brandon Wallander to a third place overall finish.They competed very well also earning 3rd place in sheep and goats, 2nd in beef, and first in questions. The experience was very exciting for the whole team. According to Tigh Renken it was a thrill to receive top honors. “I have been extremely competitive in judging for as long as I could remember. I work everyday on my livestock evaluating skills and I feel my hard work and dedication paid off not only at State FFA, but I also hope that it pays off for me further down the road as well. I am really lucky to have such great teammates to compete with.”

Other Competitors who competed at State FFA were:                      Farm Management- Jack Allen, Kara Philips, Taylor Patterson, and Brooke Rademacher                                                                                             AgriScience- Dylan Boggs, Katrina Sell, Lindsay Schutz, and Thomas Crandall                                                                                                                         Welding- A.J. Carlson, Dillen Mumm, and Seth Beisner                       Agronomy- Cale Abramson, Jack Allen, Noah Renken, and Thomas Crandall                                                                                                                           Food Science- Katlyn Einspahr, Jenna Kuck, Eden McCain, and Sarah Pelton                                                                                                                                 Extemporaneous Speech- Adyson Furlong                                                 Delegates- Courtney Philips and Adyson Furlong

FFA Week

National FFA week is between February 20th-27th. The tradition began in 1947 when the National FFA Board of Directors designated George Washington’s birthday as National FFA Week, for his contributions as an agriculturist and  farmer.

For the week, each pod was put in charge of planning a fun day for the school. The pods consist of around ten members, each group having a different t-shirt color.

To kick off the week, the Turquoise Pod decided to have a hat day for the K-12th grade students. Tuesday was the Yellow Pod who decided on a John Deere vs. Case IH Day. Each student, K-12, could choose to wear either, green and yellow, or red. They also had Tuck it in Tuesday and a corn guessing game. The game was for K-8 students, where they were to guess how many kernels of corn there were in a mason jar. The winner of the contest will be given a prize at the Pep Rally on Friday.

Wednesday, the Navy Pod decided to make Pop “corn” snacks for the high school students. They also decided to have a coloring contest for the K-6th grade students, and a wear your FFA T-shirt Day. The next day was the Purple Pod, who decided on an Ice Cream Social for the Bermis FFA Members. Thursday, will also be Ag Occupation Day, where students can dress up like someone who is in an Ag occupation. Friday, the FFA Officers were in charge, they decided on treating teachers by letting them wear jeans, but only if they pay the $5 fee, and FFA members are supposed to wear their Official dress. To wrap up the school week there will also be a Pep Rally for Bertrand in the morning and Loomis in the afternoon. In the Pep Rally, some of the boy FFA members will be competing in the Cow Pie Queen Contest. Saturday, the final day, the FFA Members are putting on a dance from 8 p.m.- 11:30 p.m. in Bertrand, for the Loomis and Bertrand High School students.


State Range Judging

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the Bermis FFA Plant Science class traveled to Scottsbluff to compete at the State Range competition. On Tuesday, they had a practice secession where the teams went to the Scotts Bluff National Monument to look at 51 different plants that were flagged off, as well as three different range sites. At the practice, they were able to work together to identify the plants and sites. Range Judging competition

On Wednesday the Bermis team competed at the Nebraska State Range Judging Competition. At the competition, the contestants had to be able to identify 24 plants along with the plants origin, life span, life form, season of growth, livestock forage value, and growth form. Then the competitors had to answer ten short answer questions pertaining to general information about range vegetation. Next the competitors had to identify the sites soil, range condition, and degree of use at three different sites. The final part of the competition was calculating  the amount of AUM’s, or amount of forage available, in the pasture they were provided. Given the same pasture, the participants were given a list of possible issues to fix such as cross fencing or relocation of water and minerals. If they found it to be a problem, they would check yes, if not then they would check no.

The individual placings from the competition are A.J. Matejka 117th, Noah Renken 144th, Sarah Dannehl 147th, Avery Goldfish 150th, Jenna Kuck 177th, Brianna Hinson 179th, and Caytlynn Summers 180th.