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National FFA Week

The BerMis FFA Chapter had a fun and exciting National FFA Week. It started on February 24th and went through the 28th. On Monday, it was wear your favorite farm or FFA shirt day. Tuesday, we had Ag Trivia Day. We counted out soybeans and had a guessing game
on who could guess the closest. The student that guessed the closest received a $5 gift certificate to C-Plus.

Wednesday, the Bertrand FFA kids were up early and had an appreciation breakfast for the staff, community, friends, and family. We served pancakes, sausage, and fruit. We also did
Ag in the Classroom activities for elementary classes. 1st period talked to the kindergarten and 1st grade. We read them a story about a farmer and made them popcorn. Next, we talked to the
2nd and 3rd graders about feed rations. During their activity, they got to make their own ration out of fruit loops, goldfish, M and M’s, raisins, and cheerios. The students loved it!

Thursday was wear your farmer hat to school day. We also did more Ag in the Classroom lessons with the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. We played a trivia game with them called
“Hogwash.” We asked many different pig questions and the students had to answer either “True” or “Hogwash”. Near the end of the presentation, the students got to ask about different
FFA activities and any other questions that they had. We also had one trivia question for the whole school. Our question was “What year did Mrs. Scholz serve as a State FFA Officer? What
office did she hold?” The students that answered correctly were announced on Friday and received a sweet treat.

Friday was Official Dress day and Kiss a Goat. All FFA students were required to wear Official Dress throughout the day. In Loomis, they drove their tractors to school and did an appreciation breakfast as well. Both schools had been raising money all week for Kiss a Goat.
The money that we raised went to Judy McClain, a para in Loomis that is battling cancer. At the end of the day, one teacher and one senior from both schools had to kiss a goat. The elementary students absolutely loved it! Altogether, it was a great week! We appreciate all the support from our communities.


Article written by Cailey Grabenstein and Jennica Dannehl

The BerMis FFA members competed at the second district Career Development Events on February 12, 2020. The contests that we competed in were Ag Biotechnology, Ag Communications, Ag Mechanics, Agronomy, Ag Communications, and Vet Science. The
members competed very well and represented the BerMis FFA Chapter exceptionally well.

Ag Biotechnology The two Bermis Ag- Biotechnology teams consisted of Jordan Hilmer, Leah Schutz Marcia Estrada,, Kenzy Drain, Anna Pelton, Johanna Ford and Lane Schoff

We had two teams compete in the Biotech competition. For this contest, they had to take a general knowledge test, identify tools and equipment, and they were challenged to create a new transgenic fruit or vegetable to market to everyday consumers. BerMis-1 consisted of Johanna Ford, Leah Schutz, Anna Pelton, and Jordan Hilmer. Johanna Ford received a blue ribbon and Leah Schutz received a red ribbon. As a team, BerMis-1 ended up with a white
ribbon, placing fourth overall. The second team was BerMis-2. Team members were Marcia Estrada, Kenzy Drain, and Lane Schoff. They ended up in 7th place overall.

Ag Communications The BerMis Ag Communications team of Anna Pelton, Abby Scholz, Natalie Johnson, and Landon Andersen qualified for state.

The Ag Communication team members were Landon Andersen, Natalie Johnson, Anna Pelton, and Abby Scholz. Before the competition, the team wrote up an extensive media plan about bees, an important commodity in Nebraska. During the competition, John Schroeder from Darr Feedlot Inc. talked about how they care for their cattle at the feedlot. Every member was assigned a different project from this presentation. Abby wrote an opinionated article and received 1st place with a purple ribbon, Anna created a web design and received a white ribbon, Natalie wrote a journalistic article and received a blue ribbon, and Landon created a video and
tied for 1st place with a purple ribbon. The team placed 2nd overall earning a trip to the State Convention later this year.

Ag Mechanics The Bermis Ag Mechanics team consisted of Anna Pelton, Abby Scholz, Natalie Johnson, and Landon Andersen

The Ag Mechanics team consisted of Austin Hahn, Jacob Hilmer, Jory Holt, and Joseph Pelton. This group had to take a general knowledge individual test and wire a sprayer. Individually, Jacob and Jory received blue ribbons and Austin received a red. They did very well and placed 3rd overall. They received a red ribbon and a trip to the State FFA Convention in April.

Agronomy The Bermis Agronomy Team of William DeOss, Daniel Hermanson, Emma Larson, Bryce Philips, and Hanna Stewart.

The Agronomy team had to identify plants and seeds, plant diseases and disorders, and equipment as well as answer questions about soil. The team members were William DeOss, Daniel Hermanson, Emma Larson, Bryce Philips, and Hanna Stewart. Emma placed 8th and
received a blue ribbon, and Daniel received a red ribbon. The team placed 6th overall and received a red ribbon.

Vet Science The membersof the BerMis Vet Science Team were Jennica Dannehl, Johanna Ford Cailey Grabenstein, Jordan Hilmer, Emma Larson, and Caitlynn Wahls.

The Vet Science competition consisted of an individual practicum and general knowledge test, and team identification of breeds, parasites, and equipment. The members who competed in this event were Jennica Dannehl, Johanna Ford, Cailey Grabenstein, Jordan
Hilmer, Emma Larson, and Caitlynn Wahls. Emma tied for 1st place with a purple ribbon, Jordan, Caitlynn, Jennica, and Cailey all received blue ribbons. The team received 3rd place with a blue
ribbon and qualified for the State Convention in April.