Livestock Judging

BerMis FFA Competes at Career Development Events

The BerMis FFA Chapter competed at the District XI Career Development Events on March 10, 2020, at NCTA in Curtis. Twenty members competed in four different events.

This year’s Floriculture contest consisted of a general knowledge test, plants, tools, and insect identification, and a team practicum. During the team practicum, they had to make boutonnieres and
corsages and complete a price sheet. Competing in Floriculture was Marcia Estrada, Jersie Hermanson, Emma Larson, Hanna Stewart, Leah Schutz, and Colton Wagner. Emma Larson was the district
champion and Hanna Stewart and Leah Schutz received blues.

Livestock Management
The Livestock Management team consisted of Jennica Dannehl, Cailey Grabenstein, Jory Holt, Lane Schoff, and Abby Scholz. Each student took an individual knowledge test, breed identification test,
and participated in the rest of the contest as a team. They had to go through each species and do different activities for each. The species that were focused on this year are Beef, Dairy, Poultry, Sheep, Swine, and Equine. It was a fast-paced contest. The team received blue ribbons in beef, dairy, and swine and a white ribbon in equine. Overall the team placed second and qualified for state.

Food Science
The 2020 District Food Science consisted of a general knowledge test, an aroma test, a triangle test, and identifying sanitary violations. Competitors included Kenzy Drain, Johanna Ford, Shawna Freeman, Austin Hahn, Jersie Hermanson, Jordan Hilmer, Anna Pelton, and Bryce Philips. The team earned
a second-place and a state-qualifying finish. Individually, Johanna Ford received a purple, Jordan Hilmer blue, and Anna Pelton red.

Poultry Evaluation
Poultry Evaluation is very similar each year. There was a general knowledge test and different classes including carcass placing, interior quality grading white-shelled chicken eggs, exterior quality
grading, bone-in and boneless further processed poultry meat products, identifying ten poultry carcass parts, and a written exam on poultry management. Johanna Ford and Anna Pelton received red ribbons and Jacob Hilmer and Joseph Pelton both got white ribbons. Other BerMis participants included Marcia
Estrada, Jory Holt, and Lane Schoff. The team earned a blue ribbon.

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