Business and Data Processing


The purpose of this course is to prepare students for future accounting study as well as for entry level accounting jobs. The material discussed in the class include: double entry accounting procedures for a business organized as a proprietorship, cash control systems, starting and using an automated accounting system, procedures for a merchandising business organized as a partnership, accruals and deferrals, voucher system accounting, and accounting procedures for an inventory system.


Keyboarding 7 is offered to the seventh grade for nine weeks. A lot of time is spent on computer skills and becoming computer literate. The keyboard, including the top roll numbers, is introduced with correct fingering and correct technique being stressed. The basics of the computer operating system (Windows 98), how to keep several programs in RAM memory at the same time, making folders (directories and sub-directories), are learned, as is learning the basics and navigating and searching the World Wide Web, and learn how to use the program Microsoft Word.


Keyboarding 8 is offered to the eighth grade for nine weeks. The material covered in Keyboarding 7 is reviewed, with emphasis towards becoming a better typist, more adept at operating a computer, and becoming more efficient at using Microsoft Word. Computer literacy and navigating and searching the World Wide Web is built upon. The symbol keys (e.g., $, %) are also introduced.


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