Physical Education


Due to time, staff, and facility limitations, this P.E. class is used to operate the junior high athletic program. The class spends a large amount of time on developing the skills used in competitive football (boys), volleyball (girls), basketball, wrestling (boys), and track and field. However, there is a considerable emphasis placed on the enjoyment derived from participation, as well as the competitive and cooperative aspect of sports. All of the students are encouraged to participate and are given an opportunity to play. The major point of emphasis is on self-improvement and skill development. In between sports seasons, time is spent on varying activities that are designed to help improve eye-hand coordination and overall muscle control and development. Students are also given the opportunity to perform in a less competitive atmosphere.


The students first learn the proper method of stretching and lifting. Every other day the students will lift at upper body stations and every other day the students will lift at lower body stations. Stations include pull-ups, bench press, seated military press, incline sit-ups, leg curls, arm curls, upright rows, tricep extensions, frontals-laterals, hip sled, squats, toe raises, power clean, leg extensions, and bar dips. Different warm-up and cool-down activities will be used, such as stretching, rope jumping, plyometrics, and running.


In this class the students stay away from “traditional sports” (e.g., basketball, volleyball) and try to expose the students to activities that they may have an opportunity to participate in after they are out of school. Activities covered include: archery, sand volleyball, tennis, pickle ball, ping-pong, ultimate frisbee, horseshoes, billiards, darts, bowling, golf, and softball.



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