Health/Family Consumer Science

Course Descriptions:

7th grade health This class will introduce students to the components of living a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, fitness, goal setting, nurturing positive friendships/family relationships, building self-esteem will all be introduced.  Hygiene, body changes, and cultivating positive personality traits will also be explored.

8th grade health This class will expand on the nutrition and fitness components of health. Safety and first aid will be emphasized.  There will be expansion of recognizing risks of dangerous situations and behaviors.  Hygiene, body changes, eating disorders, diseases, unhealthy habits will be explored.

Freshman Health This class will promote awareness of physical, mental, and social development needs for optimal health.  Class will provide students with up to date health related information as a basis for making positive choices.  Some of the topics covered will be as follows: nutrition, fitness, body changes, hygiene, diseases and disorders, dating, family and friendship relationships, self-esteem, etc.

Family Health (11th and 12th grades) Class will examine all aspects of health and wellness (physical, social, mental, emotional).  Will be learning how to cultivate a positive, productive  lifestyle involving personal fitness, family health/wellness, consumer skills, relationships, etc. Students will learn about stages of pregnancy, infant and child development and death/dying. Home safety, assessing risky behaviors, positive decision making, goal setting, nutrition, importance of exercise will all be emphasized. Along with that we will discuss role as an individual, family member, in community.  Basic baking and cooking will be included.

Occupational Health (11th and 12th grades) This semester long class will explore the different types of health careers, pathways to those careers, and different types of health services. First Aid and CPR will be learned along with what qualities are necessary to be in different health related occupations. Resume writing, positive interviewing qualities, and goal setting will also be covered.  Various guest speakers will visit the class to give students different perspectives, experience involving differing careers.

Adolescent Health (10th-12th grades) In this semester long class students will learn to understand and cope with personal, family, and social challenges. Emphasis placed on communication, decision making skills, building stable relationships with peers.  Other areas of concentration are self-esteem, respect towards self and others, goal setting, leadership, dating, family and peer relationships. Students will gain insight to their roles in society.

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