Students look to see the ambulance

Preschool Community Helpers

The preschool students enjoyed the month of February with our Community Helpers unit! We are so thankful to have wonderful people in our town to teach us about what they do.

Our curriculum, World of Wonders has provided tons of ideas with books, songs, and questions to provoke ideas and conversations within our classroom. We love taking it one step further and asking our community members to come in and visit our classroom or for us to visit them in their workplace!

Our first community helper was Jonny Sand with Holdrege Family Dental. He brought his stuffed dragon with large teeth and a large tooth brush to show proper technique of brushing and why it is important to brush our teeth. The students and Jonny also talked about why we should eat healthy foods to help our teeth. Thank you, Dentist Jonny Sand for coming to visit our classroom and teach our students about teeth!

The next visitors were our firefighters who brought in their gear and taught us about staying safe in a fire. The students talked with the firefighters about the outfits that they wear, the things that they do to help people besides fighting fires, and how we can be proactive with our families about planning of where to meet and how to get out safe in case of a fire. Thank you to our volunteer fire department for the hours that you put in to keep us safe and provide an education to our children.

Aryn Schwarz, of Divine Stylez came in to talk with our students about being a hair stylist. She brought in a variety of things that she needs to accomplish doing her job, such as the brush to color hair, a comb, and the sheers that she uses to cut hair. Our students had fun with the doll that she brought with to practice doing hair. We even got out our pretend doll heads to practice doing hair after Aryn left. We may have some future hair stylists in our preschool classroom, thank you for teaching us about your job Aryn!

Our final community helpers visit was to our local post office. We learned about what it takes to mail something, how they sort mail, and how they deliver things different ways. Our students got to see mail coming in to the post office and the drivers showed us where they put our mail before they put it in our boxes. Some of the students got to see their specific slot of mail! The students got to see P.O. boxes, stamps, and boxes, all thanks to our local post office workers. Thank you for taking time out of your schedules to teach our students about the mail.

We are so thankful to have a great group of community helpers in our town! We like to visit each “set” of community helpers every other year so that our students, in their two years of attending preschool, get to visit two different groups of community helpers. Next year we will visit new places and have new visitors! Thank you for being willing to come visit our students and educate them on the work that goes on in our town.

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