Learning about Leap Year

What is so special about the month of February?  This is the question the first and third graders learned about on Wednesday.  Jane Tonjes, a recent native of Bertrand and para at the school, came to discuss what it means to have 29 days in February.  Jane celebrates her birthday on February 29 and will be 18 this year. Well, not really, but if she only got to celebrate her birthday every four years that is how old she would be.  Her mom actually let her celebrate the 28th of February and March 1st.

Jane explained that her grand kids have always had a lot of questions about the 29th. In fact, one grandson wanted to know when grandpa’s leap year birthday was.  She decided that after trying to explain it to her grand kids several times, that maybe it was time for her to write a book about it for kids. Her book called Leap is about several frogs that decide to have a party.   Leap’s friends wanted to make his birthday special because his birthday is on the 29th.  Her book shows illustrations that give you a better understanding of what leap year is.

Her family played a big part in helping this book come to life.  Her grand kids helped draw the frogs and all the illustrations. Jane also had fun incorporating many frog facts into her book. Her daughters helped edit the book and found a publisher to print it.

Jane shared that she has often thought of writing a book.  She shared that it takes time to write a book. It took her 10 years to get all of her ideas down and pictures drawn.  Jane had the children think of a topic that they were interested in. They were asked to come up with a title and begin their rough draft.  The kids eagerly started writing and were anxious to share their stories with each other.

We appreciated Jane coming to visit and sharing her book with the children.

Jane shows the students a new game.
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