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Bertrand Community School COVID Guidelines

We are in the second week of classes at Bertrand School, and that means the start of activities and games for the student athletes. We are also in different times right now and there will be certain expectations for those that choose to attend school activities.  As we’ve started communicating with other schools, it is quite apparent that there will be different expectations and guidelines for spectators at the different venues.  We will do the best we can to communicate and make you aware of those expectations.

As we start our football season at home, probably the biggest change is that there will not be the usual elementary Super Bowl Football Game on the sidelines that has always taken place.  Students attending the games are expected to abide by the spectator expectations, and be conscious of social spacing.

Attached to this post are the general guidelines and expectations that are in place for attending activities here at Bertrand Community School.  These will be updated/modified as needed, depending on the directions of our health district. Thank you for your help in observing these guidelines.

Meeting for drug testing policies Set for August 11

On Tuesday August 11th, there will be a mandatory meeting for all students entering grades 9-12.  The meeting will be to clarify and complete all paperwork for the drug testing policy that was adopted for the 2020-21 school year.   Both parents AND students are required to attend.

At 6:00 p.m. the 9th grade students and parents will be meeting in the west gym while the 10th grade students and parents meet in the east gym. At 7:00 p.m., the 11th grade students and parents will meet in the west gym while the 12th grade students and parents meet in the east gym.

If you have multiple students in high school, parents and students will only be required to attend one meeting together of your choice.  If you are unable to attend on August 11th, please contact the office to make arrangements to meet with administration and to complete paperwork. 

 Thank you for your cooperation.

Bertrand community school reopening plan

The Bertrand Community School Covid-19 reopening plan has been set for the 2020-2021 school year. The primary goal is to keep all students and staff safe at all times. This document was developed to fit the needs of the Bertrand Community School and was based on information provided by the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association and Two River’s Health Department. Future changes may be in accordance with recommendations from Two Rivers.

A permanent link to the plan is located on the Bertrand Vikings website via Google Docs. Changes and updates will be made as needed throughout the school year.

Bertrand Community School Reopening plan.

School supply list 2020-2021

PK – 6th Grade: Most school supplies will be provided by the Lions Club. Please provide your own backpack, headphones, water bottle, and an extra pair of tennis shoes for P.E.

Jr – Sr High: Pens, pencils, highlighters, a scientific calculator, ear buds, optional stylus, note cards, notebooks or 5 subject notebook, 2 to 4 cloth stretch book covers. Calculus students need binders. Geometry, Trig, and Calculus students need a scientific calculator, or graphing calculator, a TI-84 is a good one to get.

Face masks: ESU has ordered 5 face masks per student, but they have NOT come in yet.

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Flexibility needed for start of school

With the start of the 2020-21 school year right around the corner, administrators at schools across the state are attempting to put together plans for the re-opening of school after mandated closures in the spring.

At Bertrand, the start of school is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 17th. Mr. Jason Brown, Superintendant, and Mr. Shaun Kidder, Principal, have been working hard to develop plans for a safe return to the building. Keeping things as normal as possible, and following suggested guidelines from the Nebraska Department of Education and Two Rivers Health Department have proven to be a tricky and somewhat difficult task. Information and guidelines from these organizations continues to evolve and change quite rapidly, making it difficult to set definite plans this far in advance.

Detailed plans developed by the administrators have already had to be changed because of updates sent out by the organizations listed above just this week. Because of this, the administration at the school is asking for patience and understanding as this is a fluid situation. Changes and updates will occur as needed, as recommendations and updates continue to develop.

At this time, the use of masks at Bertrand Community School will be optional.  More detailed information will follow in the near future as the start of school gets closer. Meeting the needs of the students of our Bertrand Community School family is the main priority.