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Continuity of Learning Plan

March 30, 2020


Recently, I was required to submit a Continuity of Learning Planfor Bertrand Community School.  This plan describes the temporary actions that support the continuation of teaching and learning for all students due to the interruption of normal school attendance operation.  This form was requested/expected by the Department of Education Commissioner’s Office. 

From listening to Commissioner Blomstedt, it has been apparent that the Department of Education EXPECTS education to continue even though we sent the students home.  Each district has its own unique plan, however, they will all include teaching and learning.  For high school students, the plan includes a “continuation” of their course work.  At this time the students in grades 7-12 are only being asked to meet 40% for each of their core classes (Math, Science, Social Science, Language Arts) and less than 40% for classes that are non-core classes (electives.)   Since the students will only be meeting 2 out of the 5 days per week the amount of work will also be 60% less than normal.   The students can communicate with their teachers through several digital methods to answer any questions they may have during the day.  The students in grades K-6 will also meet with students on an abbreviated schedule, but their teachers will still expect education to take place.   In a nutshell, all students are still in school…just not at our facility.

Thank you for understanding that continuing educational opportunities, during this difficult time, are required by the Nebraska Department of Education.  Our dedicated teachers are doing their very best to accommodate every family’s unique needs.  In fact, if any family doesn’t have wi-fi (and hasn’t visited with Mrs. Edgren or Mrs. High) please let the office know as soon as possible!  Several providers are willing to provide students with free Wi-Fi during this time-frame.

I hope this brief explanation will help alleviate any misunderstandings. 


Dr. Dennis Shipp
Bertrand Community School  

Bertrand moves forward with online Classes : 7-12 Teacher Schedules

Starting on Monday, March 30, 2020, official online school sessions will begin and student attendance will be required as school moves forward. Teachers will be giving assignments and information online via Zoom, online video, and/electronic delivery through Schoology. Teachers have scheduled possible meeting sessions two days per week to provide lecture information and/or answer questions for students about posted assignments. Teachers will also be available during an additional scheduled office hour to answer questions and help direct students. Students should watch for individual posts from their classroom teachers for specific directions and information about meetings and class assignments/directions. Students are reminded that class sessions are mandatory just as if we were in attendance at the regular school site.

7-12 Teacher Online Class Schedules

Below you will find high school schedules for teachers arranged by grade level. Click on the link on each image to download a printable pdf file or on the image to see an enlarged picture.



Bertrand school will be offering a grab and go sack lunch again next week starting on Monday, March 30th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. You may pick up your lunch at the south entrance by the old gym. (playground exit)

There is a google form that will need to be filled out by Friday, March 27th by 1:00 p.m. for each child in your household. You can find the form on Schoology, Bertrand website, Bertrand Viking facebook page, and Instagram. If you cannot access the form and want meals, please call the school at 472-3427 by 12:00 pm on Friday.

If your student is unable to pick up their lunch but they are still in need of meals, please contact the school to make arrangements. If you need to make changes to your lunch count, please contact the school. Go Vikings

Covid-19 Update

Dear Students, Parents, and Patrons,

COVID 19 has changed how the business of Education is conducted at Bertrand Community School. Our facility has been closed since March 17th• The current recommendation from the Commissioner of Education is for “schools NOT to return to normal operations this school year.” The Governor and Health officials are supportive of this recommendation. At this time, Bertrand Community School facilities will be closed “indefinitely.” As per the NSAA edict, all activities are suspended through May 1 st, This “indefinite” closure of facilities will be reviewed/re-evaluated AFTER April 15th. If there is not a statement from the Governor or Commissioner which indicates they recommend/direct re-opening, our facility will remain indefinitely closed. Please understand, our facility may be closed but the school year is not over and education is still taking place!

We understand that learning must continue to progress and will look different than ALL of us are accustomed to seeing. Our teachers are currently providing enrichment and review by using electronic methodology. This review and enrichment “only” will be very soon changing to a “continuity of learning plan.” We will be providing details of this plan very soon. This plan will include moving from enrichment/review to education and instruction of new material. The staff will be informed that new material may begin being taught beginning March 30th•

This COVID 19 situation is developing and changing rapidly, and conditions are changing daily, hourly, and sometimes by the minute. Please be assured that school administrators are closely monitoring official state and national guidelines from the Nebraska Department of Education, the Governor’s Office, State Health Officials, and the Center for Disease Control. We will continue to monitor this COVID 19 situation and treating safety as our main priority.

As I stated earlier, all school activities are cancelled during our indefinite closure time-frame. The Governor’s recommendation of allowing a maximum of 10 people in a room is being followed. We look forward to being given the “all clear” from State Officials.

Dr. Dennis C. Shipp
Bertrand Community School