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2020 Academic Banquet: Virtual Recognition

Because of Covid-19 and mandated distancing policies, many traditional ceremonies and activities have been cancelled across the nation. One such tradition at Bertrand High School was started in 2008 with Dr. Dennis Shipp. Dr. Shipp believes that academic excellence is of utmost importance and that the hard work and achievement of the students at Bertrand High School should be recognized. Upon his arrival as Superintendent of Bertrand Community School, he established the Academic Banquet. This banquet honors those students who demonstrate academic excellence in the classroom based on their GPA. On his departure from Bertrand, Dr. Shipp wanted to reach out one more time to publicly give recognition to those high achieving students and all that they have accomplished.

Please take time to watch the video posted below and help Dr. Shipp honor those students who have worked extremely hard to earn academic excellence.

Banquet Video

BerMis FFA Recipient of Anonymous Donation

The BerMis FFA Chapter recently received a check for $2000 from LandMark Implement through the generosity of an anonymous donor. LandMark Implement each fall invites customers to sign up for prizes that are given away at their EXPO event in December. The man who won the zero-turn mower already had one. Typically the customer then chooses store credit to use for purchases they will make in the future. A different situation unfolded this time. Jessica Janitscheck, Marketing Manager for Landmark said, “he spoke with the Lexington location manager and asked if we could donate it to your cause instead of store credit or him taking the mower.” As a chapter, we were definitely surprised when we got this phone call. We are extremely grateful for this man passing on his “win” for the benefit of our FFA Chapter.

Students Document “life” during Social Distancing

The students in Mrs. Mason’s Software Apps classes were given an assignment to document what their day was like during the Covid-19 “social distancing” order. The students had been learning about different types of camera shots and angles before the school closure. For this assignment, the students were to make a video about “A Day in the Life of a Covid-19 Social Distancing Victim.” This video was to be at least 2-3 minutes in length, show different angles that had been discussed in class, and to be creative.

Please take a look at what the students have been doing during this time.

Julia’s Video

Dashiell’s Video

Kaylee’s Video

Tabby’s Video

Ana’s Video

Bertrand Community School listed under “directed Health Measures”

According to Dr. Dennis Shipp, superintendent of Bertrand Community School, as of April 1, the Two River’s Health Department has listed the school district under the “Directed Health Measures” edict. Because of this, only Bertrand School ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL will be allowed into the Bertrand Community School building.

In addition, a case of coronovirus in Buffalo county has been identified as community-transmitted, according to Two Rivers. This means that the health officials aren’t able to trace how or where the person was infected.

Directed Health Measure have now been put in place for all counties in the Two Rivers Public Health Department which includes: Buffalo, Dawson, Franklin, Gosper, Harlan, Kearney, and Phelps counties.

This means for those counties, there will be forceable limits on public gatherings. It also requires restaurants and bars to close dining areas and move to take out service, delivery, and/or curbside services only until further notice. Schools can have staff in the buildings BUT NO STUDENTS. The measures do not apply to daycares.

Two Rivers Statement

Press Release from Dr. Dennis Shipp, Superintendent Bertrand Community School

Continuity of Learning Plan

March 30, 2020


Recently, I was required to submit a Continuity of Learning Planfor Bertrand Community School.  This plan describes the temporary actions that support the continuation of teaching and learning for all students due to the interruption of normal school attendance operation.  This form was requested/expected by the Department of Education Commissioner’s Office. 

From listening to Commissioner Blomstedt, it has been apparent that the Department of Education EXPECTS education to continue even though we sent the students home.  Each district has its own unique plan, however, they will all include teaching and learning.  For high school students, the plan includes a “continuation” of their course work.  At this time the students in grades 7-12 are only being asked to meet 40% for each of their core classes (Math, Science, Social Science, Language Arts) and less than 40% for classes that are non-core classes (electives.)   Since the students will only be meeting 2 out of the 5 days per week the amount of work will also be 60% less than normal.   The students can communicate with their teachers through several digital methods to answer any questions they may have during the day.  The students in grades K-6 will also meet with students on an abbreviated schedule, but their teachers will still expect education to take place.   In a nutshell, all students are still in school…just not at our facility.

Thank you for understanding that continuing educational opportunities, during this difficult time, are required by the Nebraska Department of Education.  Our dedicated teachers are doing their very best to accommodate every family’s unique needs.  In fact, if any family doesn’t have wi-fi (and hasn’t visited with Mrs. Edgren or Mrs. High) please let the office know as soon as possible!  Several providers are willing to provide students with free Wi-Fi during this time-frame.

I hope this brief explanation will help alleviate any misunderstandings. 


Dr. Dennis Shipp
Bertrand Community School