Neon Theme

School Spirit is Vibrant at Bertrand

The stands have been very colorful this fall sports season.  The Bertrand Viking student body has been out in full force supporting the fall sports teams. For each event, a theme is chosen and the students dress according to that theme. From white outs and neon colors to lumber jacks, the students have come out in full force.

Junior Miles Peterson has taken a leadership role in getting things organized. He even started a Facebook page to communicate themes and to organize rides, etc.   “It just seemed like there really wasn’t any school spirit like we have had in the past, and we wanted

White out
Bertrand student body at “white out.”

to bring it back,” said Miles.  “It’s been really fun supporting the teams,” said Wyatt Kaps.  The coaches have also noted that “it’s fun to see the students from various activities come together to support each other. That’s what makes being apart of a small school so special.”


Positive support following sportsmanship guidelines is something the NSAA has strongly encouraged over the years. According to Mr. Kidder, the students have done a pretty good job of trying to follow the guidelines according to these standards, although they have to be reminded from time to time.

The following handout give examples of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors as outlined by the NSAA.  A full reading of sportsmanship ideals can be found at

Download (PDF, 69KB)

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