Math Group

   The Bertrand High School Math Group studies very hard to go and compete in math competitions. These students meet on Wednesday mornings before school to study and solve math problems.

The team usually competes in two competitions each year, once at the UNL Math Day competition and the Doane Tri-Mathalon . At Doane tri-MATHalon, nine members were taken to compete, and the team finished with 8th place honors. Kara Philips, Grant Dahlgren, Tigh Renken and Cooper Grabenstein were Bertrand’s top 4 competitors.

The students in Math Group are: Brianna Smith, Haley Dannehl, Kara Philips, Sarah Dannehl, Adyson Furlong, Cooper Grabenstein, Grant Dahlgren, Tigh Renken, Kristine Edgren, Katlyn Einspahr, Brandon Wallander, Sarah Pelton, Jade Gonzalez, Katrin Hinterkopf, and Lindsay Schutz.

Here is Mrs. Schutz enjoying the "Elf Head Cut Out" during UNL Math Day.
Here is Mrs. Schutz enjoying the “Elf Head Cut Out” during UNL Math Day.
Pictured here is Cooper Grabenstein, Grant Dahlgren, and Brianna Smith. They were the representatives of the team and participated in the UNL Math Day math bowl.

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