For the first time since approximately 1961, Bertrand is offering a new FFA program. According to Mr. Bill Ford, the FFA program was ended when Mr. Norris Renken became the new Industrial Tech instructor in that same year. Bertrand was unable to find anyone to teach Ag, so the FFA program ended.

Because of this program, the school is offering three new classes which includes CASE Plant Science, CASE Animal Science, and an Intro to Ag Class. Bertrand also added a new staff member, Ms. Samantha Jensen, to implement the new classes and FFA program. Ms. Jensen currently taught FFA in Fairbury for two years, and is originally from Bird City, Kansas. She has stated, “I am very excited for this year, because all of the Ag students and FFA members are very enthusiastic to perform their tasks.”


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Official News for the Bertrand Viking Teams