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Wolfkings Take on Imperial

On September 10th, the Wolfkings traveled the distance to Imperial, a course that differs much from Gibbon. The long, flat course made the competitors run very fast paces and the long drive there helped the Wolfkings get mentally prepared. The medalists Sarahincluded Cole Kennedy 2nd place, Ethan Gdanitz 13th, Michaela Marcy 5th, Teagon Edwards 13th, Karmen Phillippi 15th, Alexa Berry 17th, and Kara Philips 18th. The Wolfkings next meet will be held in Ravenna next Thursday. 

Courtesy photos: Keri Berry

The Wolfkings Place Second at Gibbon Meet!

Last Thursday the Cross Country Teams competed at the Gibbon Meet. Medalists include Cole Kennedy 2nd place, Ethan Gdanitz 14th place, and Michaela Marcy 5th place. Even though the temperature was high 90’s and the course was the toughest one they would have all season, the Wolfking teams had a great race and both boys and girls teams earned second place.

The Wolfkings Season Begins!

The Wolfkings Cross Country season is coming to a start this Thursday with the Gibbon Meet. This year’s team has grown yet again, with a total of 28 runners. Participants include seniors Cole Kennedy, Isaiah Flint, Brandon Adkins, Alexa Berry, Sarah Dannehl, Kara Philips, Brianna Smith, Teagon Edwards, and Michaela Marcy. Coach Kaps is very excited for the season to start and believes that both teams will be very competitive throughout the rest of the season. Go Wolfkings!