Prom Walk-up On “The Cube”

No fooling!  April 1, 2017 is the date for this year’s prom.  The junior class has been working diligently for about three weeks preparing for “The Great Gatsby.”  The Walk-up for this year’s prom  is scheduled to begin at 7:45.  The public is invited to attend the walk-up at the Bertrand Community School gym.  This event will also be broadcast through “The Cube”  beginning at 7:30 for those unable to attend in person.

The schedule of events for the student are as follows:
Junior and Senior pictures beginning at 5:00
Senior Class Picture at 5:40
Junior Class Pictures at 5:45
Appetizers for Juniors and Seniors at 5:50
Freshmen and Sophomore Pictures at 6:00
Junior and Senior banquet at 6:20
Prom Walk up 7:45 at the high school gym
Prom-Dance 8:00-12:00 at the Community Building


Yearbook On-line Orders

The 2016-2017 Viking Yearbooks are currently on sale. All orders will be completed on-line only. The options for personalization will be available as they have been in the past. If you wish to personalize your book, this must be completed by the end of April.  The link posted below will take you to the order site and will explain all details.  If you have questions, you may contact Mrs. Kaps at

This order form is for the big hardcover yearbooks.  The elementary version of the yearbook will be available as usual next fall.

SENIOR PARENTS:  If you would like to purchase an ad for your graduating senior, this link will also allow you to submit your information and photos.  If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Kaps.


Buy Your Yearbook
Click here to order your 2016-2017 Viking Yearbook

Second Graders to Host a Bake Goods Raffle

Benefit for Collin Stephen
Collin Stephen benefit

A bake raffle benefit for Collin Stephen has been scheduled for this Friday, February 3, 2017 at the boys and girls basketball games with Medicine Valley.  Collin was diagnosed with Gitelman Syndrom last year. He is now have difficulties with his pancreas. Proceeds will go to help off-set medical expenses incurred by his  family.

The second grade class is hosting this benefit and would like to ask those interested to bring baked goods for the sale. Thanks to all in advance for their assistance to this very worthwhile project.

Raffle tickets to win a Traeger Grill will also be sold on Friday night.  The drawing for the grill will be held on February 19th at the community-wide benefit at the Community Building.

A Day With the Broncos

By Brooke Peterson

As I wake up this morning and every morning, I always ask myself why? Why am I in this wheelchair? Why did this have to happen to me? I know there was a reason all this happened, but I’ve always wondered what it was. I’ve talked a lot to God, asking him why I’m like this. I’ve come to realize that if this would not have happened, then I wouldn’t have a lot of things and people in my life. All these special people I have met and opportunities I have been given wouldn’t have happened. This once in a lifetime opportunity of getting to go meet some of the Denver Broncos players wouldn’t have been happening. I’m so excited that I’ve been given the chance to go meet them!

This all came into play when I was out at the Children’s Hospital getting my new ventilator. I was waiting to get discharged, so I went into the Ryan Seacrest studio. While in there, I got to talking to them about how I loved the Denver Broncos. Upon returning home to Nebraska the next day, my dad received a call from the Broncos Event Planner. She asked my dad if I’d be interested in being a Junior Reporter for the day. When my dad first asked me if I wanted to do this, I thought heck yes why not! This is right up my alley for what I want to do in college next year. My family and I spent the next couple weeks preparing and getting everything ready to make this trip happen.

My oldest nephew is a big Broncos fan like me. When he found out that I was given this opportunity, he wanted to go with me. He kept asking me for several weeks if he could go with me. At first my parents and his parents were saying no, because this was my special day. I told them that I wanted to share this experience with him, too, so our parents finally agreed to let him go.

On Wednesday, December 28, my family and I began our trip to Denver from Nebraska. It’s a 6 hour drive for us, so we began our trip a day before I was to meet the Broncos. When you put two big Broncos fans in a vehicle for 6 hours, that is pretty much all that is talked about. When we got to Denver, we drove by the Broncos Stadium to show it to my nephew. We found our hotel, and after we got unpacked, we went and found the Broncos training facility, where I was to go the next day.

Going to bed that night, and trying to sleep was the hardest thing. I was so excited for my day to start that I had trouble sleeping that night. I was so excited to meet the players. Knowing that I could possibly be meeting some of the players that played for Nebraska had my excitement level high. Getting to meet some Broncos players had always been a big dream of mine that I thought would never happen. Little did I know, though my dream was going to come true in less than 24 hours.

The day is finally here! The day I’ve been waiting for for weeks! I finally get to meet some Broncos players! That morning my family and I got up and began to get ready for our fun filled day. After we ate breakfast, we came back to the room and waited for what felt like for ever to leave.

At 11:15 we finally left our hotel, for the Broncos Training Facility. We arrived there at 11:30, which gave us an hour to wait for the lady from the Children’s Hospital to meet up with us. In the mean time, we went to the Broncos store and looked around and bought some Bronco paraphernalia. Once my parents got my nephew and I in there, we were like two kids in a candy store. We spent a good portion of our hour in there.
After leaving the store, we went and met up with the lady from Children’s, then began to walk out to the practice field. While we were walking out there, I thought I was going to burst out the seems. I was trying not to show how excited I was.

Once we arrived outside by the field, Gary Kubiak walked up to me and started talking. Prior to that, I was told that I’d be getting to interview Jared Crick. I was so excited because he was from Nebraska. Jared Crick is originally from Cozad, Nebraska, which is about 45 minutes from my home town. While talking to Jared, I found out he knows and went to school with one of my cousins.
While talking to him, I heard somebody walking up beside us, and “Hi, I’m Andy Janovich,”. I turned to look in his direction and say “Oh my gosh, yes you are, you are Andy Jano I know who you are,”! I was in shock to be standing by two of my favorite former Nebraska Cornhuskers.

It was nice just getting to talk about Nebraska and about football with some pretty cool players. After talking with them for awhile, I started asking them my questions that I had prepared. Coach had told me that Crick was a guy who didn’t talk much. He sure wasn’t lying. I asked them what they plan to do once they’re done playing football, or once their body tells them they are done, and Andy Janovich wants to have his own Construction business. Jared Crick told me that he’s not for sure, but once he knows he said he’d let me know. Jared and Andy both said that being in the NFL is a lot of fun and hard work. “It’s not just about going out and playing on Sunday,” said Jared Crick. “It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s a lot of fun too,” says Andy Janovich.

After I asked them my questions, it was time for me to let them go. I then got to go finish seeing their training facility. They took us to the indoor practice field, where they let my nephew and I run around for awhile. After we left there, they then took us to the cafeteria where some of the players were eating.

When we went in there, some of the players were just getting their food and sitting down. Demaryius Thomas was on his way to sit down, and he walked right in front of us. My nephew waved at him and he waved back which made my nephew so excited. Darian Stewart was just sitting down to eat when he noticed us and came over and started talking to us. He offered us tickets to that weekends game, but I sadly had to turn them down.

This was an experience of a lifetime. I’m so glad and thankful that I was able to do this. This experience is something I will never forget, and neither will my nephew. I’d like to thank Children’s Hospital for making this happen. Special thank you to the Denver Broncos, and Andy Janovich and Jared Crick. These were some very kind young gentleman I got to meet.

BHS Students Give Back

The Bertrand Community School Volunteer Service Organization (BCSVSO) is holding its annual necessities drive from now until Christmas break on December 21. Each year the BCSVSO has a necessities drive to gather perishable and non perishable items to donate. Some of this year’s items will be donated to the S.A.F.E. Center in Kearney. The entire school and the community, as well, can bring in items. Bertrand Elementary students will be collecting non-perishable food items.  These donations that the K-6th bring in will go to the Food Pantry at City Hall.  Junior and Senior High students will be collecting necessities for the S.A.F.E. Center in Kearney.

There are also prizes for the students. For the Junior and Senior High kids, the more items they bring in, the more passes they get on quizzes or homework assignments. A class could earn up to as many as 4 passes in 4 different classes. At the end of the drive, the student who has brought in the most items themselves will become assistant Principal for the day. The student who comes in second will be doing the daily announcements for a week.

Any elementary class that brings in 50 items can go around the classroom in their socks. The class that brings in 75 items will have a Hat Day. The class with 100 will have a story read to them by the principal or superintendent. The class with 125 items will do activities with the 9th graders. The class with 150 will cut the tie off Mr. Kidder. At the end of the food drive, the class who brings in the most items will receive a snack and movie party. The class with the second most will have recess/activity time with the Seniors. Good luck to all grades!

Ahoy Bookaneers

By Brooke Peterson

Friday, November 11th was the kick off day for this year’s Book Fair. This year’s theme for it was Pirates, and on that day Steph Dannehl and Donna Peterson dressed up as Pirates. They had books for anyone from Preschool kids to High School kids and up.

At the Book Fair were all kinds of fun, entertaining books for a wide range of age groups. They have Christmas books, Lego books, Star Wars books, cookbooks, and sports books. Not only do they have books, but they also had fun, entertaining items for everyone, such as pens, erasers, jewelry, pencils, and giant pointer sticks. Half of the profits from the Book Fair goes back to the BHS library to purchase new books for the library. This year they made $4,500.

“I think it was a pretty successful Book Fair,” says Librarian Steph Dannehl.

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